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  • Networking isn’t just about making connections; it’s also a powerful way to learn and grow.

    If you struggle with networking, here are some tips to help you use it as a learning tool:

    1. Ask Questions: When meeting new people, ask about their experiences and insights. This can provide valuable knowledge and perspectives you might not have…

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  • Feeling stuck in your Agile journey? We’ve all been there.

    Whether you’re new to Agile or a seasoned pro, sometimes you need a little guidance to reach the next level.

    That’s where Simply Agile’s expert coaching comes in. Our experienced Agile coaches can help you:

    1. Clarify your goals: What do you really want to achieve with Agile?


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  • Feeling overwhelmed by job search stress? Here are some tips to maintain your well-being:

    – Stay organized: Plan your job search to stay focused.

    – Take breaks: Rest and recharge to prevent burnout.

    – Practice self-care: Exercise, meditate, or spend time with loved ones.

    – Seek support: Reach out for encouragement from friends, family, or…

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  • Crafting a strong professional portfolio is essential in today’s competitive job market.

    Highlight your best work, organize it clearly, and share your professional journey.

    Include testimonials, update regularly, and

    tailor your portfolio to your target audience.

    Demonstrate your process, use high-quality visuals,

    seek feedback, and promote…

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  • The tech industry’s recent wave of layoffs has left many people feeling uncertain.

    Remember, you’re not alone in this, and this setback doesn’t define your future.

    Here’s how to turn this into a fresh start:

    • This is a great time to gain new skills and become a more competitive job candidate.

    • Connect with your professional contacts for advice,…

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  • Are you trying to network for a job but feeling discouraged because your contact hasn’t responded?

    Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Sometimes, people just don’t respond. Life happens, inboxes get full, and messages can get lost in the shuffle. Don’t take it personally!

    Here’s what you can do to increase your chances of getting a…

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  • Struggling to showcase your skills beyond a traditional resume?

    Here are seven creative strategies to present your talents to potential employers:

    1. Build a Personal Website: Create a digital portfolio with projects, testimonials, and a blog.
    2. Craft a Video Introduction: Make a short video highlighting your skills and experiences.
    3. Design…

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    Are you sending out applications and hoping for the best?

    If so, here’s something you should know. 80% of jobs are filled through referrals or word of mouth. This statistic should motivate you to include networking as a key part of your job search approach.

    Applications that come with a referral display trust and credibility. A referral suggests…

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  • Hey job seekers,

    Company culture is crucial in finding the right opportunity.

    A great culture fit leads to happiness, growth, and increased productivity.

    It also promotes longevity in your career.

    To find the right fit, research the company, ask the right questions during interviews, and reflect on what you want in a workplace.

    Remember, a…

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    • Jobseekers – remember you are interviewing them just as much and if not more than they are interviewing you.

      Don’t settle for mediocre- make sure that company is the right fit for you.

    • Every interview ends with a Q&A.

      But 99% of job seekers fail to leverage it fully.

      Here are 5 unique questions that will help you land more job offers

      What is the #1 challenge I will face in this role?

      ↳ Prepares you for what to expect.

      ↳ Better to now rather than in 10 months.

      Who wouldn’t thrive at this company/job?

      ↳ They know the traits…

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