How To Set Up Your Ally Space

How To Set Up Your Ally Space

Congratulations on making the smart choice to invest in Simply Agile and launch your coaching career!

We are thrilled to welcome you to our community of forward-thinking professionals and organizations committed to achieving excellence through agility.

We are incredibly grateful for your trust and are committed to ensuring your journey with us is rewarding and successful. Our dedicated support ticket team is always just a click away, ready to assist you with any questions or challenges.

Now, let’s get your Ally Space set up……

Table of Contents

Profile Picture & Cover Photo

By this point, we’ve sent you a link to your freshly minted Ally space, where you’ve been designated as the owner. This grants you complete administrative access to your space.

Hover over & click the profile photo, and scroll down to where you can drag and drop your image or upload it from your device. 

We recommend a clear 500 X 500 px for the profile photo and a 2000 x 1125 px for the cover image (You can create one in Canva)

Ally Name | Short & Long Description

Settings > General Settings

Next, let’s fill in some information about your Space. Remember, you have full control and can always edit the information, so don’t feel like it needs to be perfect right away.

Ally Name: This is where you either put your business name or coach name. It populates at the top of your ally space as a heading.

Ally Short Description: A short sentence or two that lives in the sidebar for all to see when people visit your page. We recommend talking about your services or your business.

Ally Long Description: The long description acts as the About page, currently it populates about 140 words below your headline, then truncates and people can read the whole thing on your About tab**.**

Use this space to tell potential customers about yourself, your business, services, or your coaching philosophy. ****We recommend the following structure when offering services:

  • Who it’s for
  • The big pain(s) they have
  • A key feature or two of the service
  • The resulting benefits

(Read this post if you would like to write an awesome coaching services description)

About Information

Settings > About Information

General information and ways to contact you. If you have a website, email, or business address, you can populate them here. If you decide to add info here, it will be visible to the public via the buttons underneath your header.

(Leave them blank, and the buttons go grey and disappear from public view.)

Event Settings

Settings > Event Settings

If you would like to run events, please email the registrar your email address and phone number.

Once you have registered – click the events tab to see current events or create a new event. Fill in the appropriate information about your event.

Events > All Events> Create an Event

Don’t worry about configuring the virtual event button; we will handle all the backend work.

If you are using our events, a unique Google Meet link will be generated for your event and appear on your event page. Enter it in the Event URL section if you want to use your own.

Once you have filled out the info, please submit the event, and we will proofread it and publish it live.

Tabs & Buttons

Settings > Tabs & Buttons

Use the tabs and buttons to control what your customers see on your space. Toggle all the functionality you would like on and off.

Social Networks

Settings > Social Networks

Select a network from the dropdown menu and add the URL – you can add as many as you want.

They will be displayed in the sidebar of your Ally page.

Contact Form

Settings > Contact Form

If you would like a contact form, open a ticket, and we can set up a custom form for you.


Settings > Sidebars

Add your team to your Ally page – Please let us know who in our community is part of your team, and we will add them as Moderators or Admins so you can display them on your space.

Social Groups

Settings > Social Groups

If you would like to set up a paid or public group, please let our team know, and we will be happy to assist you. You can now display your social groups on the left-hand side of your feed.


Services > Add a Service

Under the services tab, you can create any service related to your business. Click add a service, and the screen below will pop up. Fill out the information for your service and add an image.

(Please reach out if you plan to offer services so we can set you up with a product and checkout flow on the backend.)

You can edit any service by clicking the pencil icon and updating the information.