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        • My best tip for making the most out of Agile2024 is hitting up the lean coffees every morning so you meet more people and get the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics. In general, I think the biggest value from the conference is in the hallway conversations as much as or more than the conference sessions.

        • Hey Agile 2024 attendees, I know that for many you, this is not your first Agile20xx Rodeo so let’s help out the first timers and share your tips. What are some must do’s, to make the most of your conference experience? I know @philaphan can’t be the only one with tips.

          • @Community Carol (Carol McEwan) First timers: Take a nap!! You can’t do everything. It’s exhausting. Pace yourself. Go back to your room to de-people. Take breaks. If you try to attend a session in every timeblock you’ll burn out. Take care of your energy! FOMO is strong – but you’ll have a richer experience if you do fewer things.