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We have a built in ATS system and a suite of features to go from listing to hire in record time.

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We integrate with over 10 different apps to keep you in the know. Get email notifications and send offers via DocuSign, all in one space.


We are focused on all areas of work within the Tech sector, with a particular focus on Agile teams and job titles.

Please reach out to support@simplyagile.me if you have questions.

We have built features to speed up your job posting process. You can utilize our library of pre-built templates or add a few words and let ChatGPT create a description and requirements section. 

Once you input all of your info the job will be posted on our dedicated job board and also public facing Google jobs.

You can easily manage your jobs from the dashboard

We are working on integration with all the major jobs platforms.

We have made it easy to use pre-built templates or harness ChatGPT right from your dashboard. This is a great place to start and get those creative juices flowing.

Jobs will post immediately to our platform and may take a few hours to be seen on Google Jobs. 

Designed for high volume and large teams. We want to support you and your team with a level of service and offer scaled job postings and discounts for more team members. 

Please reach out for specifics and set up a call so we can learn more about your needs.

Yes you can cancel you plan easily. Currently we will have to cancel it for you, so reach out to support and we will help you. 

Our suite of tools help you streamline the whole hiring process from posting, interviewing to offer.

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