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Our ecosystem is a “community of communities” where agile practitioners, coaches, and organizations connect to collaborate and share knowledge.


Join Agile enthusiasts and professionals at Simply Agile. Connect, share, and grow in our community. Whether you’re new or experienced, find endless opportunities to learn and collaborate.



Unlock your potential with expert coaching. Simply Agile offers free mentorship, coaching engagements, and workshops from seasoned Agile coaches. Get the support you need to refine your skills and achieve your goals.



We connect talent with opportunities. Whether seeking a new job or hiring top talent, our platform facilitates meaningful career connections. Explore listings and advance your professional journey.


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We’re creating a unified Agile network, bridging fragmented platforms into one cohesive ecosystem. The current landscape is scattered and inefficient. We’re here to transform it.

Build & Grow Your Community on Simply Agile

Create public & private groups, run events, coaching engagements, and more. Bring your network and expand with ours.

Build Your Coaching Business or Up Skill Your Resume

Whether you’re an independent coach or a practitioner looking for new skills to add to your resume, we have the tools and experts you need.  

job Providers Are You Looking for Agile Talent?

We have a built in ATS system and a suite of features to go from listing to hire in record time.

Job Listings With AI

Utilize the power of ChatGPT to create job listings in seconds. You have full control and editablity right from your dashboard.

Candidate Pipeline

Manage talent from application, interview, to offer. Create custom pipelines for your team to use across your dashboard.

Built In AI Scores

Make quicker decisions on applicants with an AI scoring system. Find ideal candidates even faster, reducing costs.

Interview & Offers

We integrate with over 10 different apps to keep you in the know. Get email notifications and send offers via DocuSign, all in one space.

Use our job board To find your Next Agile Role

Upload your resume, apply for jobs, and create a profile in your dashboard. Engage with the community and get noticed by top employers!

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Coach Nelson Ingle

Nelson Ingle

Founder | CEO

Are you interested in recruiting top-tier agile talent? Would you like to save time by leveraging the power of our AI enabled jobs platform? Book a discovery call to learn more about joining our Allies Network

Carol McEwan

VP of Community

Are you a coach? Do you have a community you want to bring into our Simply Agile ecosystem? Book a call and Carol will guide you through the process.

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