• You’ve probably heard about creating SMART goals in various areas of your life, and that extends to your career.

      But how do you even create a SMART goal?

      Let’s take a look at this example:
      Imagine you’re transitioning into a project management role and need to sharpen your project planning skills.

      Since we’re trying to develop our project planning skills, our SMART GOAL would be:

      To complete an accredited online course on project planning techniques (like Gantt charts, CPM, and resource leveling), and apply these techniques in a simulated project environment. Aim to score at least 85% on the final assessment to demonstrate proficiency. The completion date would be three months from today, for instance, April 1, 2025.

      Why is this goal SMART?

      SPECIFIC – focuses on project planning techniques and completing a course

      MEASURABLE – score at least 85% on the final assessment

      ACHIEVABLE – selecting an accredited online course that fits your current knowledge level

      RELEVANT – directly applicable to the project management role you’re aiming for

      TIME-BOUND – set to be completed in 3 months

      Now it’s your turn to try creating a SMART goal. I’d love to see them in the comments!

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