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Executive/Management Professional Working as an Advisory Consultant:

Having about 12+ years valuable experience in marketing/communications and public relations and drawing on my successful career path to be resourceful in the industry of practicing professionals, I look forward to continuously building my career reputation since my engagements with Agilists of P3M Professionals around the world.

My numerous notable accomplishments as an independent (solopreneur) since 2016 are distinctive organizational leadership frameworks and systems called JS SSGP Agenda, association called Noble House of Justice, NGOs like XLife Foundation, community movement called SpotRudiment, consultancies like Conjust Group, corporate university called SReTA, industry 4.0 brands like Kolour4World, prototype companies like The PoOx, corporation called CircularNests, business models like the SSGP Model, operational models called SROs ModelX, among others.

You can learn briefly about some of my vast expertise and resources, work, research, and professional career profile here:

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Founder and Owner (Executive Chairman)


Justice Societies


September 2016 – present


Volunteer Advisory Role: This is my own international community organization I have created about offering my advisory services at a committee/board level, through my successful acknowledged and globally recognized background experience as my career path in business, international relations and the political economy.

As an exclusive organization – a legal-oriented NGO of business-oriented industry-specific specializations, through my own community organizations, the objective is to facilitate professional growth by creating a positive counselling relationship and climate for open communication, thereby helping and assisting to identify problems and guide them towards solutions. So, since 2015/2016, I have been originally creating organizational brands and initiatives, policy programs and product designs, and trademark materials as my course of action of operations, and my original creations are how I have been organizing and operating the delivery of all my activities and services.

Having recently had 40+ B2B and institutional stakeholder engagements and networking relationships around the world, my current partnerships/memberships about my local and international development strategies include PharmaSources since 2024, HF Markets (SV) Ltd since 2024, Sydney Environment Institute since 2022, Ltd since 2021, Unicorn Hunters Club since 2021, and FasterCapital since 2020, with an open house to accept strategic partnerships in the months and years ahead.