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Luciana (Lucy) O’Keefe is the Founder and CEO of Dart Frog Consulting, LLC, where she specializes in Agile coaching, training, and consulting. She is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Certified Team Coach (CTC) with Scrum Alliance®

Lucy has spent 3 decades in Information Technology and has worked in the software, non-profit, banking, insurance, healthcare, and agriculture industries. Lucy holds a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Systems Analysis, both from the University of Miami (FL).

With over a decade of Agile experience, Lucy has held every role in the Scrum Team – Developer, Product Owner, and Scrum Master, and has also been a Scrum Master Manager and Agile Coach within the organizations she was a part of.

Lucy is extremely passionate about Agile and loves coaching, training, and mentoring others so they may have a successful journey towards Agility.

Lucy’s purpose is to help everyone become more Agile both professionally and personally in order to live more fulfilling and successful lives.

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Founder, Agile Coach, Trainer, and Consultant


Dart Frog Consulting


January 2019 – Present


Luciana O’Keefe founded Dart Frog Consulting to channel her enthusiasm for training and expertise in Agility. Her mission is to inspire and guide individuals to enhance not only their professional but also their personal growth and development.

  • Conduct Certified and Uncertified Agile, Scrum, Story Writing, Leadership, and Azure Boards Training
  • Coach Individuals, Teams, Leaders, and Organizations
  • Conduct Agile Assessments
  • Provide Consultation in Agile adoptions, evolutions, and transformations