One Team | One Dream

Our Vision is to Unite
Agile Practitioners Across the Globe

Our dedicated team aims to bring agile practitioners worldwide into a single, unified community. We aim to nurture learning, promote growth, and inspire leadership among our members.

Nelson Ingle

Founder & CEO

Alpharetta, Georgia

Coach Nelson has 10+ years of experience leading software development teams. A lifelong learner and passionate about helping community members discover and pursue their ikigai every day.


Nelson uses his years of experience and the gift of storytelling to inspire leaders to achieve their dreams. Coach Nelson recognizes that without a purpose, people can spend the best years of their lives on autopilot, conforming to the status quo.


Working Genius

He provides a formula in his Predictable Outcome Model & Blueprint for gaining clarity to pursue life’s goals with purpose and passion


Coach Nelson created the Simply Agile Community as a space to share what we are learning in open conversations without fear of judgment. A community where we can serve each other to Learn, Grow, and Lead together every day.



Leadership, Agile, Dream Job, Self-Care


Fun Facts:

Nelson loves sushi, his favorite being salmon nigiri, paired with hot sake 🍶🍣

Meet The Simply Agile Leadership Team

As a start-up, we all work multiple roles to bring the best community experience possible. Please reach out and connect across all platforms and be sure to let us know if you need anything.

Graham Heldreth

Graham Heldreth

Director - Product Design

Charlotte, North Carolina

Graham brings a unique blend of design and search expertise with a vision to elevate Simply Agile into a global touchstone for agile practitioners. 

His experience spans six impactful years in the industry, during which he’s shaped digital platforms and scaled client businesses, significantly boosting subscriber bases and revenue.

Graham is deeply committed to delivering holistic digital solutions, driven by a keen understanding of how design interacts with user experience and SEO.

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Raju Reddy

Raju Reddy

Director - Dream Jobs

Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

Raju has 10 years of experience in IT Sales and Recruiting, focusing on Tech jobs. He’s placed hundreds of candidates worldwide over the years as a recruiting specialist.

He is passionate about building and maintaining solid relationships with job seekers and providers. Raju is an expert in negotiating both the scope and pay.

He does this by being diligent first to understand the needs and expectations of the organization, leadership, and team thoroughly. Then, the ideal candidate will be positioned to meet those needs.

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Tolu Ojewunmi

Director - Marketing

Lagos, Nigeria

Coach Tolu is a seasoned IT professional with over ten years of experience in hardware engineering, Unified Communication, and Technical Program Management. He has a strong passion for Agile and has focused on helping teams adopt Agile approaches and work more effectively.


He leverages his in-depth knowledge and experience while serving teams and is committed to helping organizations achieve their goals through Agile transformation.

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Jenny Mintz

Jenny Mintz

Director - Community Experiences

Atlanta, Georgia

With over a decade of experience in the industry, She is fueled by a deep passion for fostering the success and growth of both candidates and companies through the foundation of strong, trust-based relationships.


Jenny strongly believes in collaboration and partnership and empowering individuals and communities. She’s recognized for her boundless energy, approachability, keen attention to detail, and innate gift for communication.

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