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Our mentors are eager to assist you in navigating your career path toward success and help you realize your full potential.

Charlene Freeman

Director - Mentor Talks


Coach Charlene is a seasoned Agile team leader with 10+ years of experience. She embodies servant leadership, empowering teams to reach their full potential. With expertise in Agile coaching, Scrum Mastering, SAFe, Kanban, and leadership, she drives. impactful Agile transformations. She holds certifications in CSM, CSPO, and SAFe 4.5. Coach Charlene loves to give back to the IT community to help others reach their highest potential.


Agile Coaching, Scum Master, SAFe, Kanban, Leadership, Metrics, Servant Leadership, Product Owner, Agile Transformations.


Fun Facts:

Coach Charlene is an avid poker player! blackjack is her jam! She loves strategy games and game nights with friends.

Nelson Ingle

Founder & CEO

Alpharetta, Georgia - USA​

Coach Nelson has 10+ years of experience leading software development teams. A lifelong learner and passionate about helping community members discover and pursue their ikigai every day.


Coach Nelson’s ikigai is to coach community members to discover and pursue their ikigai every day. He uses his years of experience leading teams and the gift of storytelling to inspire aspiring leaders to achieve their dreams. Coach Nelson recognizes that without a purpose, people can spend the best years of their lives on autopilot conforming to the status quo.


He provides a formula in his Predictable Outcome Model & Blueprint for gaining clarity to pursue life’s goals with purpose and passion.


Coach Nelson created the Simply Agile Community as a space to share what we are learning in open conversations without fear of judgment. A community where we can serve each other to Learn, Grow, and Lead together every day.



Leadership, Agile, Dream Job, Self-Care


Fun Facts:

Loves sushi!

Favorite sushi is salmon nigiri 🍣

Paired with hot sake 🍶

Morty Lindie

Director - Internships

Suwanee, Georgia - USA


Coach Morty is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience and focused on Agile from 2015 to the present. His experience has ranged from technician to development to management to Agilist in varying industries such as Aerospace, Retail, Financial, and Hospitality. Coach Morty enjoys mentoring, coaching, and working with scrum teams on a daily basis.


Agile, Kanban, Measurements, Scrum


Fun Fact:

Coach Morty delights in spending time researching family genealogy and building his family tree based on DNA matches.🧬

Enjoys volunteering at Junior Achievement (JA).

Tolu Ojewunmi

Director - Marketing

Lagos, Nigeria - Africa


Coach Tolu is a seasoned IT professional with over 10 years of experience in hardware engineering, Unified Communication, and Technical Program Management. He has a strong passion for Agile, and has pivoted his focus towards helping teams adopt Agile approaches and work more effectively.

Coach Tolu is an enthusiast of continuous improvement processes and is constantly seeking ways to empower individuals and teams to deliver value. His expertise lies in coaching teams towards adopting Agile methodologies and practices, improving team dynamics, and optimizing team performance. He leverages his in-depth knowledge and experience while serving teams, and is committed to supporting organizations in achieving their goals through Agile transformation.



Coaching, Scrum, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Continuous Improvement, and Servant Leadership


Fun Fact:

Coach Tolu treasures creating visual stories and inspirational write-ups. ✍️ 🔥

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