• Is Jira a Benefit or a Hindrance for Using the Scrum Framework?

      Introduction: In the world of agile development, Scrum has become one of the most popular frameworks for project management. However, the effectiveness of Scrum can be influenced by the tools used for its implementation. Jira, a project management software developed by Atlassian,…

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      Graham Heldreth and Tolu Ojewunmi
    • I had a great and fulfilling Mentor Talk with @pablosonez and I can’t wait to have more and more sessions with him.

      Thank you for this platform where we can meet great minds that will help build our careers.

      Sameer Bendre, Victor Okwara and 4 others
      • Awesome! @elsieagilist Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

        So happy that you are seeing value in our community platform and Mentor Talks initiative to help you build your career.

        @pablosonez Well done Pablo! Thank you for volunteering your time to serve our community members. We are blessed to have you on our Mentor team!

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      Pablo Soñez posted an update 2 months ago

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      Soft Skills en el Liderazgo Moderno: La Clave del Éxito

      En el vertiginoso mundo empresarial actual, la efectividad de un líder va más allá de la gestión de proyectos y la toma de decisiones. Los líderes modernos destacan por su habilidad para entender y potenciar las “soft skills” o habilidades blandas, un conjunto de aptitudes…

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      Nelson Ingle and Graham Heldreth
      • Thank you for sharing. The emphasis on soft skills within modern leadership cannot be overstated.

        In my experience, leaders who prioritize empathy, communication, and motivation not only create a more dynamic and cohesive team but also significantly impact overall productivity and satisfaction.

        The shift towards valuing these…

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        • @pablosonez Brilliant post Pablo – Thank you!

          soft skills are what differentiates the leaders to leaders worth following.

          These soft skills especially empathy will help a leader propel their teams into high-performing teams.